Upgrades to TENA Slip and TENA Comfort


SCA is excited to announce product upgrades to two of its most popular ranges:

TENA Slip and TENA Comfort

All products within the TENA Comfort range, in addition to Medium and Large sizes in the TENA Slip range, now incorporate new ConfioAir™ breathable technology. 

The new products feature a fully breathable back-sheet, maintaining dryness for healthy skin. 

The new, soft material is designed to feel gentle and more comfortable on the skin, and the fast-acting, highly absorbent core securely protects against leakage.

New TENA Slip products also feature twice as breathable [1] non-woven sides and a new multi-fixation system to allow for easy fastening and multiple readjustments. 

88% of professional and non-professional caregivers agreed that the new TENA Slip with ConfioAir™ feels airy and protects skin health [2]

The dermatologically tested products will also feature an updated product back-sheet and new packaging designs.  TENA Slip and TENA Comfort with new ConfioAir™ are available now. 

Email hcmarketing@sca.com for more information.