Issue 14

Well, it's been a little over three years since we published the first issue of PCNR. Much has changed in nursing and the NHS since then. So as we say goodbye to PCNR in this format, you'll be pleased to know that we will continue to keep you abreast of nursing and health service isssues and clinical developments through our Facebook pages and Twitter feed.

Issue 13

Well, it's a little late, but Happy New Year! I trust that you had a great time, working or not, and that Santa did his thing for you.

They say that every experience is a learning experience - which should be good for revalidation purposes - but here, I share an experience which was more than a learning one - it has changed my outlook.

What would you take from it I wonder?





Cover Picture: Frontispiece: When He Comes He will Rule over the Whole World. Thanks to Liam Quinn for kind permission to reproduce

Issue 12

In her last editorial, Deborah was seething about the erosion of the nursing profession by various actions of the Government.

Two and a bit months down the line, is she still spitting tacks?








Cover Picture: A Siege of the Fifteenth Century. Thanks to Liam Quinn for kind permission to reproduce

Issue 11

Back, the, straw, broke, that, camel's the...

Rearrange these works to make a well-known phrase and then read why the Editor is outraged of North London....

Issue 10

Issue 9

A new nursing associate role has been proposed. The concept, currently out for comment, aims to encourage more people into nursing and address the 'numbers' crisis.

Deborah shares her thoughts

Issue 8
Editor's Editorial


Issue 7

Responsibility for public health nursing and midwifery leadership is based in the Department of Health and Public Health England (PHE). Viv Bennet acts as Director of Nursing and Midwifery and also as the government’s principal advisor on public health nursing.

But do we see PH as important? Is it something nurses readily embrace? It seems not...

Issue 6
Editor's Editorial

So, it's election time. All parties have made a big bru-haha about the NHS; millions, nay, billions of pounds will be invested ("if we get back in", or if "you elect us"...) I ask, if they can suddenly find all this money, why haven't they been dripping it into  the system already?

So I'm not going to talk about this particular bun fight. Open to find what's on my mind...

Issue 5
Editor's Editorial

It's a mess, isn't it? The NHS I mean...

Issue 4
Editor's editorial

A focus on the 6Cs

Issue 3
Editor's editorial

Love it or loath it, technology, in particular social media, is here to stay. But can it be of benefit to nurses?

Issue 2
Editor's editorial

I have to admit that I am not always backward in coming forward with an opinion if it is an issue about which I feel passionately. Indeed, I sometimes wonder if I am an exclamation mark short of being a member of the green ink brigade!

Issue 1
Editor's Editorial

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Primary Care Nursing Review (PCNR)! PCNR is a bi-monthly journal aimed at nurses and other health professionals working in all areas of primary care across the UK.

You may be wondering why on earth we’ve decided to launch another journal – and you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that, it’s crossed our minds once or twice too! However, this is something very different. There is a plethora of worthy nursing and health titles about all aspects of care, but often these are hard work to read and only focus on a limited number of subjects which may not  truly reflect the complexity of healthcare issues that arise in your day to day role. How many of you intend to read your favourite journal, but end up just staring at the pile accumulating on the floor thinking ‘I must get around to reading those…’?