Issue 1
Royal College of Nursing Congress

15th -19th June 2014

Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool

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Issue 8
Comment & Opinion

Do leaders and managers ever feel vulnerable? Have you ever sat in a meeting and suddenly thought "Do I really know what I am talking about? Is this me? I don't know what the hell is going on? And if you have, do you tell anyone, or even admit it to yourself?

I his latest blog, David Gilbert shares his thoughts on the vulnerabilities of a patient director.


Issue 3

There is a ground-swell of opinion (see RCN NI news and Booth's Opinion Piece) that patients who come to A & E as a result of abuse of drugs or alcohol, in the absence of a clinical problem, should pay a fee. Do you agree?

Issue 1
Primary Care & Public Health

21st & 22nd May 2014

NEC, Birmingham

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Issue 4
Product Review

Granulox (Infirst Healthcare) is an innovative haemoglobin spray which improves the oxygen supply to chronic wounds through simplified diffusion, thereby promoting wound healing. 

Issue 5
Must Attend Events

The London IPS Branches present: Infection Prevention – Are YOU Ready, Prepared and Equipped??

Issue 9
Education & Societies

Need to know what's happening at a national level? look no further!

Issue 13

Well, it's a little late, but Happy New Year! I trust that you had a great time, working or not, and that Santa did his thing for you.

They say that every experience is a learning experience - which should be good for revalidation purposes - but here, I share an experience which was more than a learning one - it has changed my outlook.

What would you take from it I wonder?





Cover Picture: Frontispiece: When He Comes He will Rule over the Whole World. Thanks to Liam Quinn for kind permission to reproduce

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