Issue 1

The developers of Surgihoney have postulated that given the doubts raised about the research methodologies used to demonstrate the effects of manuka honey, clinicians should stop using it and its derivatives.

Issue 1
Policy & Management

The NHS reforms brought about by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 are being embedded, but the pace and complexity of nursing work continues. In this article, Dr David Foster, Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery Advisor, Department of Health, outlines how he and his colleagues support the work you are doing.

Issue 9
Education & Societies

Need to know what's happening at a national level? look no further!

Issue 7
Education & Societies

Look inside for a round-up of what's happening in Norther Ireland that's pertinant to nuses

Issue 5
Education and Societies

A round-up of news and information from RCN Northern Ireland

Issue 5
Out of the Ordinary

The 6Csy day held at Leicester racecourse last month was an unexpected 7 hours of pure enthusiasm, passion and pride about nursing from nurses. Joan sought to re-ignite the spirit of caring, and succeeded beyond expectation. Here both he and Deborah share their thoughts on the day.

Issue 3

Children’s allergies such as cow’s milk allergy (CMA) are on the increase. Maureen Jenkins, Director of Clinical Services at national charity, Allergy UK explains what symptoms to look out for in common allergic conditions, thereby epediting diagnosis and management.

Issue 13

Self administration of medicines by inpatients: are we making any progress? This was a question was posed in a 2013 article by a group of physicians. Frank thinks not so much; read what he has to say.

Issue 2
Editor's editorial

I have to admit that I am not always backward in coming forward with an opinion if it is an issue about which I feel passionately. Indeed, I sometimes wonder if I am an exclamation mark short of being a member of the green ink brigade!