Issue 11
Comment & Opinion

In Issue 5 (, we highlighted the story of Elieen Chubb, one of the so-called Bupa 7 nurses who blew the whistle on poor care.

Since then, Eileen has been tirelessly compaigning for Edna's Law to be introduced. Here, she relates the campaign's progress.

Issue 12

In recent years, lymphoedema has come to prominence as a key issue for the NHS.Accelerate CIC, an established specialist lymphoedema provider in Tower Hamlets since 2008, launched a new model for providing Community Lymphoedema Services to patients across Hackney. This is their story.

Issue 1

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Issue 9
Out of the Ordinary

Remember back in Issue 6 when we featured the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff? Well, there's more...

On 26th November, there was a gathering in Shoreditch (no vaccinations required apparently, although a team from 'oop north were heard to say "£45... for a haircut...??? that would never do with us..."). NHS staff (yes, those actually doing some work), voted for their favourite project posted on the Academy wall, and accordingly, the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff gave an awards lunch.

And it was fabulous.

Our Editor, Deborah, was an accessory....





Issue 1
Association of Respiratory Nurses

9th & 10th May 2014

Scarman House, University of Warwick

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Issue 8
Comment & Opinion

They need not be a threat to privacy, so why is there such a heated argument about the use of cameras in care homes? In this article, Malcolm Fisk presents the arguments.

Issue 10

In my recent editorial ‘In, Out, Shake it All About’ (Issue 8:, I postulated that the revalidation process was likely to be a bit unwieldy. On a personal note, as I am self-employed, I was worried about finding someone to have my reflective discussion with and someone to sign off all the paperwork. Fortunately, a colleague came to the rescue and offered to do both jobs (see, a nurse multi-tasking again). 

In return, I agreed to write about my experience of revalidation. So here goes…

Issue 7

Gout is generally considered to be somewhat of an old-fashioned disease, conjouring up images of crusty and grumpy old colonels with very large bandages on their foot.

Unfortunately, 21st century life-styles and diets have seen it making something of a 'comeback'. In this article, Frank Booth outlines the signs and symptoms and provides a personal view of his experience.

Issue 8

Exudate management is one of the most challenging aspects of wound care. In this article, Sylvie Hampton outlines why managing exudate is important and how dressings contribute to effective healing.