Issue 11
Product Focus

According to Diabetes UK, approximately 345,000 people in the UK are living with Type 1 diabetes. This article explore a new diabetes management system, the Cellnovo system, which has the unique ability to monitor and upload information on patient activity, intake, blood glucose and blood glucose variability, and relay this information to the patient or clinician in real time.

Issue 11
Out of the Ordinary

Mid-May, the King's Road. A restaurant that used to be a garage. A bevvy of short-listed candidates and a posse of guests all on tenterhooks. Who would win?

Yes, it was the Mölnylcke Health Care Wound Academy Scholarship and Awards luncheon. This article, adapted from the Molnlycke Health Care Wound Academy Bulletin (June 2016), outlines the winning entries.

As ever, PCNR will feature the winning entries in more depth in forthcoming issues.



Issue 12
Comment and Opinion

Another Olympic and Paraolympic Games has ended. We have watched sports we didn't even know existed, and briefly flirted with the idea that running for the bus was adequate training for the 2020 games...

Here, Joan shares his thoughts on healthcare and how we need to embrace the Olympic ideals

Issue 3
Policy & Management

Healthcare professionals may view corporate governance as a rather uninteresting subject! However, it is in fact a very straight forward concept, one that everyone involved in healthcare should be able to understand. In this article, Colin Boakes gives us an overview of corporate governance and outlines why it is important.

Issue 12
Comment and Opinion

As regular readers will know, Frank Booth has been informing and entertaining us with his words based on years of expereince as a nurse and a rather poorly patient! However, despite his robust 'you're not going to get me' attitude to his various ailments, and his acceptance that his was a road that wasn't going to end with a miracle cure, his recent experience rather slapped him in the face.

Read about it here....

Issue 2
Education and Societies

The NMC is currently revising the Code, and is seeking the views of patients, the public, nurses, midwives and other organisations or individuals who may be affected by changes to the Code.

Issue 13
Out of the Ordinary

In the last issue, Frank submitted what he (and perhaps us here at PCNR Towers) thought may be his last piece ( He was v.v. poorly.

However, Frank is a Northerner (hailing from my old home town), and therefore by definition, a hard nut to crack. Dead but won't lie down. Proving that you can live (albeit a little shakily!) with deranged bloods, electrolytes and organs.

Here is his thank you to the staff that cared for him.

Issue 5
Education and Societies

All the latest from the NMC. Let us know what you think of the way the organisation is working for you:

Issue 11

PCNR is offering one lucky nurse a CPD course, free of charge.

In fact, you even receive a small payment for taking the course!

Issue 14

One in three of use will get cancer. Not a good statistic. So we look at ways of preventing it and take advantage of screening where we can.

For we ladies, that means three-yearly mamograms once we get to a certain age. But what if a mammogram isn't good enough? For those with dense breast tissue, tumours are often hidden so go unnoticed until it is too late.

Here, Cheryl Cruwys explains what dense breast tissue is and shares her experience.