Issue 4
Product Review

Granulox (Infirst Healthcare) is an innovative haemoglobin spray which improves the oxygen supply to chronic wounds through simplified diffusion, thereby promoting wound healing. 

Issue 2
Education & Societies

The new health and care system will deliver the ambitions set out in the Health and Social Care Act. NHS England, Public Health England, the NHS Trust Development Authority and Health Education England will take on their full range of responsibilities.

Issue 13
Education and Societies

Here is the latest news from Northern Ireland

Issue 10
Education & Societies

Want to know what RCN Wales is doing for you? Read all about it here.

Issue 11
Education & Societies

Changing Faces is looking for a new Chief Executive. After founding the charity in 1992, and being at the helm for the last 24 years, James Partridge is standing down. Here, we carry James's article (written for Viewpoint, the charity's newsletter - which reflects his thoughts on setting up CF and why he is leaving.

Issue 5
Out Of The Ordinary

Having come from a background in art (I was a Deputy Director at Sotheby's auction house), I definitely never thought I’d end up becoming an undertaker! Poppy Mardall, founder of Poppy's Funerals believes that the nursing profession has such an important role to play in allowing people to talk openly about dying and what happens after death. In this article, she explains why she moved into the business and how a colourful, personalised funeral can make all the difference to grieving family and friends.

Issue 7

Gout is generally considered to be somewhat of an old-fashioned disease, conjouring up images of crusty and grumpy old colonels with very large bandages on their foot.

Unfortunately, 21st century life-styles and diets have seen it making something of a 'comeback'. In this article, Frank Booth outlines the signs and symptoms and provides a personal view of his experience.

Issue 13
Comment and Opinion

Discharge planning. Two words which strike terror into the hearts of us all. Here, Brian shares his thoughts on how it should be approached.

Issue 3

BSN has launched a new ‘Quick Guide’, Managing Chronic Oedema with a Venous Leg Ulcer. It contains practical help and advice, and is available free of charge.

Issue 14
Out of the Ordinary

The NHS is going through what some say is a most diffficult time. That may be putting it mildly!

We may have to learn a lesson or two from the Dakota Indians…

As many variations of these pearls of wisdom are available, I cannot credit this particular version to anyone. But I am eternally grateful for the laughs it produced.