Top Ten Tweets that travelled through the timeline

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1.  Is it a carrot or a stick to be beaten with? 

James Munro ?@jamesfm55

If we're not sure what an ?#NHS complaint means, whether we want more, or whether we want fewer, is there any point in counting them?

2. And there's us thinking we were a lone voice...

Dean Royles ?@NHSE_Dean

Minimum nurse ratios -The experience of this approach in America and Australia has proved misguided.

3. Or just show this to anyone who thinks your job is easy

The QNI ?@TheQNI

Ever fancied training to become a District Nurse? This new film from ?@NHSEngland might encourage you!

4. Amen to that. Anyone without diabetes could be classed as pre-diabetes

Clare Gerada ?@clarercgp

Pre-diabetes label 'worthless' - another non-disease to over medicalise vast populations. This needs to stop

5. Is this baby boomer heading for the retirement home or still growing up?

The RCN ?@theRCN

Tomorrow (Jul 5th) the NHS’ is 66 years old! Happy birthday to an outstanding health care system. Be proud of our NHS ?#NHS66

6. Simple solutions are so often the best. A true nursing innovator.

Neomi Neo-slip ?@neoslip

Please check out our latest Video

7. Sadly missed but I think we are glad he chose comedy and not medicine

Kevin Pho, M.D. ‏?@kevinmd  

Medical lessons from Robin Williams ?

8. Finally a public art installation that everyone can admire and understand

The Ripper ?@The_East_End

888,246 poppies tumble from the Tower of London to commemorate WWI fallen - Retweet this to the world...   ?

9. Always celebrate the positives to keep motivated for the long road ahead

Eurocom Healthcare ‏?@EurocomHC

Top four ?#cancer killer rates 'fall by a third'.  ?

10. As if dietry advice wasn't complicated enough. Don't eat meat. Have a steak.

BBC Health News ‏?@bbchealth

How safe is eating meat? ?


Frank Lipman MD ‏?@DrFrankLipman  

Excellent well researched book ?@bigfatsurprise, see how 60 yrs of nutrition science has gotten it so wrong about fats ?