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1.  True dedication. We salute you.

BBC Radio 4 Today ‏?@BBCr4today

“We knew from the start that he would go back to Sierra Leone” – parents of William Pooley, who survived Ebola

2. Peter is quite good at pretending to be Paul when being asked to put his hand in his pocket though, which means Paul ends up paying anyway. (Are we stretching a metaphor too far?) 

Andy Cowper ‏?@HPIAndyCowper

Simon Stevens again warns against NHS funding robbing Peter to pay Paul. Forgets how well this policy focus-groups with the Paul demographic

3.  We're not sure that 'Bed' Ulcers (Grrrr!) could always be described as a 'mistake'...

Lisa bates ‏?@Beakerbrookes Oct 16

Hospital safety standards 'shocking' time to invest in developing services not analysing whats already known


4. ...But we must avoid reaching a situation where they are seen as 'inevitable'.

KLOX ‏?@KLOXtech

Some pressure ulcers are unavoidable, according to updated guidance from wound care experts


5.  Much like cigarettes, if someone were to invent the sunbed today would they be seen as 'safe' enough to even be used under strict regulation. We  think perhaps not.

EMJ Dermatology ‏?@EMJDermatology

Stricter ?#sunbed regulations needed

6. Using games to aid learning? Love it!

Stop The Pressure ‏?@STPressure Oct 16

Support ?#WorldFoodDay Play our online game and help improve ?#nutrition & ?#hydration?

7. Who doesnt love a handy reference guide... The publisher just recognised these as symptoms of a hangover ‏?@Diabetescouk 

Hypoglycemia: know the symptoms of low blood sugar and what do do when they strike - ? 

8. I think we would all agree COPD doesnt get the profile of other chronic disease in the media

Sharon Hudson ‏?@COPDCare 

Lets be brave and tackle the elephant in the room ?#COPD ?

9. Mind the gap! The main parties have come up with the odd billion or two but UKIP would not provide any extra cash.

Twitter address withheld

UKIP Daily-'NHS does not need more money. What it does need is to stop paying for the healthcare needs of the world'

10. Funny how that happens...

Joseph Robinow ‏?@Joerobinow

Haven't heard much out of the anti-vaccination community since this ebola this started picking up steam...