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QNI Annual Conference

Monday 28 September 2015: Royal College of General Practitioners, London

The QNI's Annual Conference, 'Healthcare in the Community' will take place on Monday 28 September 2015. Around three hundred nurse delegates are expected from the whole range of community nursing specialties.

The event will also include an exhibition of voluntary and media organisations. Confirmed speakers include:  

  • Dr Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive, QNI 
  • Rob Webster, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation
  • Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, NHS England
  • Christine Hancock, Chief Executive Officer, C3Health
  • Sir Sam Everington OBE, GP in East London, Chair of Tower Hamlets CCG, NHSE National Lead for New Models of Care, Board member of NHSCC
  • Lou Patten, Chief Officer, Aylesbury CCG and a DN
  • Mike Pringle, President, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • David Oliver, President, British Geriatric Society
  • Professor Laura Serrant, Research lead for Compassion in Practice NHSE/Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing
  • Katerina Kolyva, Director of Continued Practice, NMC 
  • Candice Pellett, Hospital Discharge and District Nursing SPQ Project Manager, QNI
  • David Parker-Radford, Homeless Health project Manager, QNI
  • Mary Saunders, QNI/QNIS Project Manager for District Nurse Education and Practice, QNI

Join us for a day of stimulating debate about nursing in the community. 

All information about the event, including the programme, is available on the QNI’s website at http://www.qni.org.uk/news_events/conference_2015

We are offering an early bird rate - £25 off the regular price -until 31st May 201. To book you place go to:

 http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/qni-annual-conference-2015-tickets-14652276353   (early bird offer ends on 31 May 2015).

Community nursing film

In summer 2014, the QNI commissioned a new film about community nursing. The film shows just some of the innovative and dynamic work that nurses working in the community do today. It also gives the views of nurse leaders in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and their vision for the future of healthcare in the home and community.

There are two versions of the film, a short version at three minutes, the other running at 9 minutes.

To view them please go to: http://www.qni.org.uk/news_ events/community_nursing_film

Queen’s Nurses who participated in the film are:

Sharel Cole, Debbie Brown, Debbie Bromley, Ruth Oshikanlu and Mary Codling

Are you a #GPNinja?

Heather Henry has launched a Twitter campaign to raise the profile of General Practice Nursing and help others understand their role and value. Heather is the NHS Alliance Co-Vice Chair and a former practice nurse. The campaign is called #GPNinja.All practice nurses, patients (with appropriate consent) GPs, practice managers and partners are invited to tweet. This work will feed into the national GPN strategy work led by NHS England that has just commenced.

For more information, contact Heather Henry at heatherhenry4me.com, or visit the website: https://www.vizify.com/heather-henry

Resource for community nurses

The Queen’s Nursing Institute has launched two new resources to help community nurses give support to carers. One is designed for Practice Nurses, one for School Nurses. 

The new resources have been developed following the success of the first carers resource that the QNI developed for District Nurses last year. All three resources are now freely accessible on the QNI’s website. The resources contain case studies and hypothetical scenarios to aid learning, and e-workbooks so that nurses can record their learning as they use the resources. 

Subjects covered include:

  • safeguarding
  • referral
  • burden of care
  • cultural and social context
  • personal and professional development
  • boundaries of practice
  • multi-disciplinary working
  • ethical and legal responsibilitie

They cover aspects of mental health, physical health, learning disabilities and dementia. The School Nurses’ module is focused specifically on supporting young carers. 

Jennie Whitford, Carers Project Manager at the QNI commented,

‘These comprehensive new resources represent the knowledge and experience of expert community nurses. They will be useful to any nurse who comes into contact with carers during their practice, as well as student nurses who wish to prepare for this important element of the nursing role.  

‘By working effectively together, community nurses and carers can help improve the management of conditions for patients, and also ease the burden of care on the carers themselves. These are essential skills for community nurses, who have a vital role to play in supporting the six million carers in the UK.’ 

The resources can be downloaded at: http://www.qni.org.uk/supporting_carers

The QNI Carers Project is funded by The Department of Health.