Tweets, and links we liked the look of

1. One man making a difference every day. Hats off to you sir!

TommyOnTour ‏?@tommyNtour

#NEW?  Make A Difference Case Studies

2. We looked. We think its good.

AcademyOfFabNHSStuff ‏?@FabNHSStuff

Have you had a look at our resources/links page yet? Some great resources for you to view at your leisure ?  ?

3. The report calls for "...greater collaboration across organisations and a broader range of staff involved in the delivery of healthcare..." Great work Sherlock. How much did that cost?

NHS Health ed Eng @NHS_HealthEdEng

Watch ?@ProfRoland talk about the Primary Care Workforce Commission’s report & share your views: ?#futureofprimarycare

4. Easy to forget how something so common can be so debilitating.

BSF ‏?@BSFcharity

?Psoriasis? drove me to the brink of suicide 

5. Fragmented? Needs reform? Sound familiar. 

NEJM @nejm

Perspective from The New England Journal of Medicine — Australian Health Care — The Challenge of Reform in a Fragmented System

6. Worth a look if you are new and finding your feet.

Dr Crystal Oldman ‏?@CrystalOldman

TheQNI have a fabulous online resource for nurses new to working in the District Nurse team

7. Hands up all those who thought it could easily have been more. 

BBC News (UK) @BBCNews

Diabetes now accounts for 10% of the NHS drugs bill in England, according to official figures.

8. The proof will be in the delivery.

Guardian Healthcare ‏?@GdnHealthcare

Change in regulation for midwives brings the practice into the 21st century ?  

9. Fear and loathing in the NHS? Oh, yes!

Andy Cowper ‏?@HPIAndyCowper

Regulators would rather you didn't read my disrespectful new blog on the state of the NHS. It might just encourage me ?

10. Everyone likes a poo joke.

WeNurses  @WeNurses