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Healthcare-Arena is a new online forum for healthcare professionals, researchers, students and managers.

What is different about Healthcare-Arena is that the articles we publish are evidence-based, referencing recent and relevant published research, reports and government documents. The topics include current healthcare issues, new research, up-to- date NHS and government reports, technical and clinical issues plus some humour.

To encourage discussion, some of the topics chosen are controversial. All the topics are relevant to health care in the UK today.

The concept of this online forum originates from my experience of attending a wide range of medical conferences over many years. I have often been impressed by the level of co-operation and discussion between healthcare professionals to advance ideas, improve clinical practice and to highlight studies and developments in a stimulating environment. We would like to see Healthcare-Arena develop into an extension of the conference environment in an online format.

Healthcare Arena is sponsored by Pentland Medical, a UK-based medical supplies company, that understands todays' healthcare market. Pentland Medical invite you to register for Healthcare-Arena and encourage comment on the articles published.