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Nursing leader backs Children and Young People Bill amendment on health visitors

On the 7th January, MSPs debated whether health visitors should be the ‘Named Person’, i.e., the individual who provides first line support and advice for children aged 0 – five. The RCN Scotland is backing an amendment to the Children and Young People Bill to explicitly state that the health visitor should be the Named Person for this age group, following on from the midwife in the very first days of a baby’s life.

Theresa Fyffe, Director of RCN Scotland said:

“So that health boards do not appoint less suitably qualified people to the role of Named Person, we think the Children and Young People Bill should explicitly state that this crucial role should be carried out by registered health visitors who have the required training and skills to deliver the role effectively. This does of course mean that Scotland will require more health visitors, but that is the price that will have to be paid if Scotland’s children and families are not going to be sold short. So I would urge the Parliament’s Education Committee to consider the arguments carefully and then take the necessary step to make sure the Scottish Government’s positive policy of the Named Person role is delivered in practice as well as on paper.”