Tweets, and links we liked the look of

1. Take the selfie. Attend the appointment... or perhaps the other way round.

Jo's Trust ‏?@JoTrust Jan 24

?#SmearForSmear? is here! Attend your smear & reduce your risk of cervical cancer. 

2. Great campaign from Crawford Healthcare - be a hero!


How have you made a difference to a patient with a pressure ulcer this week? ?#pressurehero

3. Nothing to do with nursing, but we think this is worth following just for the images


Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning.

4. And about time too....


?YES! It's 2016 & Mary Seacole Memorial Statue will be installed at St Thomas' Hospital, thank you!

5. More Fab Stuff, from the Fab Stuff people. 


This weeks 'just do it' Tina & her tiles ?  what a fab idea 2 engage CYP

6. Innovative uses for office equipment #201



7. This could have a devastating effect on the chocolate intake on wards.


Why the government is going sweet on a sugar tax ? 

8. We are. Are you?


Hands up, who's coming to Congress? Register for ?#RCN16 updates ?

9. This should probably be displayed in every home by law!


It's starting to become busy now please remember only use 999 in an emergency 

10. But what is the betting we are still fighting this a decade from now?


Final report by the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity ?