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The NMC is currently consulting on their proposed model of revalidation, the process by which registered nurses and midwives are required to demonstrate to the NMC that they remain fit to practise. It promotes greater professionalism among nurses and midwives and also improves the quality of care that patients receive by encouraging reflection on nurses’ and midwives’ practice against the revised Code.

The content and format of the NMC Code will be revised, and supporting guidance specific to revalidation will be developed.

The revalidation model aims to:

  • improve public protection
  • increase public confidence in nurses and midwives by allowing them to demonstrate that they are always fit to do their work
  • ensure nurses and midwives on the register continue to meet NMC standards
  • enable nurses and midwives to be accountable for demonstrating their continuing fitness to practise
  • promote a culture of professionalism and accountability through ongoing reflection on the Code and standards

A model of revalidation which includes third party input was chosen because of strong support from patients and public about including user feedback as part of revalidation to enhance public protection. The model of feedback is being used by other regulated professionals and has been further supported by recent enquiries and recommendations to the NMC (such as those included in the Francis report).

How it will work

  • all nurses/midwives on the register will be revalidated every three years at the point of renewal
  • each nurse/midwife will take ownership of revalidation - those who do not revalidate will lapse from the register
  • those who wish to revalidate will be required to continually gather evidence for their  revalidation based on criteria in the revised Code, standards and guidance, published in December 2014

Every nurse and midwife will be required to confirm that they:

  • continue to remain fit to practise
  • have met the requirements for practice and continuing professional development
  • have sought and received third party feedback which has informed their reflection on their practice. This could be from patients, carers, students (for educators) or peers
  • have sought and received third party confirmation that they are fit to practise. A third party (likely to be a manager, another registrant or a supervisor) will need to confirm that the nurse or midwife is adhering to the Code and standards, and is fit to practise

When will revalidation begin?

The aim is for the revised Code and standards to be launched at the end of 2014, and for revalidation to be introduced by the end of 2015. The NMC will provide guidance for revalidation to nurses, midwives and those providing confirmation, as well as information for patients and the public. Nurses and midwives will be given sufficient time to prepare before it is introduced across the sector.

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