Talking about Telehealth


Emerging technology

Nurses are becoming more familiar with their patients using new technologies. These technologies range from smart phones to medication dispensers. They are changing the nature of our health and social care services, and they promise to change the way that we think.

What some talk of as service 'delivery' (a one way, often top-down process) will therefore have to be re-thought as service 'provision' (a wholly more inclusive term). Service 'provision' can accommodate the way, often mediated by the new technologies, that people access and use services for themselves.

What this offers us is an emerging vista of services where people (sometimes patients), with increasing knowledge of health issues, work in partnership with clinicians, allied health professionals and others ... whether in relation to their immediate health needs or with regard to their day-to-day lifestyles and personal well-being.

Therefore its great to see that an interesting conference is coming up in Manchester (June 21st) to address some of these issues. The focus is clear from its title:

'New Routes to Integrated Care: The Challenge of Assistive Technologies, Telehealth and Telecare'.

Participants will be able to hear of and debate some of the practice experience in Scotland (NHS24) and from the Canadian AgeWell Programme. More locally, the sessions cover CCG, adult care and carer perspectives - as new structures for services are being put in place.

Details are available on the Telehealth Quality Group website at