New nursing resource for specialist practitioners

Product focus and reviews

Coloplast and the University of Ulster have developed and launched a new on-line resource to help specialist nurses communicate their work to others for the benefit of patients. Specialist nurses have a wide and deep knowledge of their specialty, but have not necessarily developed the knowledge and skills to manage the demands of being a specialist nurse.

The Apollo Nursing Resource provides a range of tools that will help you to:

  • speak up about your service
  • prepare supporting evidence to demonstrate the complexity of your service
  • articulate the complexity of your role

Resources are divided into sections to help you with aspects of management you may need. These include:

  • showing how I spend my time
  • pulling all my information together
  • speaking up for my service
  • seeing how others how their worth

These sections are broken down further to cover all you may need to know.

The Apollo Resource is active in that it positively encourages you to share your experiences and to let them know what you want from it.

Take a look at the website – you’ll find so much to help you!