Top Ten Tweets that travelled through the timeline

Tweets, Links and Letters

1. Get on board and support this great new campaign


This is why we need What Success Looks Like campaign: the film

2. A packed hall and an exciting event at this year's ACA. Roll on 2015!

Clinidirect @Clinidirect

During the @ACA_Continence conference 2014! #acaconf

3. Inspirational speaker and an inspirational event. Make a date for next year

NAIDEX Shows @naidexshows

Full house at multidisciplinary theatre for @alex_brooker Who says "naidex is like FA CUP final" for me

4. Not even at our second issue and already causing a bit of a stir

PCN Review @PCNReview

Would love this job; NMC post £48k 2 days a week. Yet increase in fees to 'cover backlog of FTP cases'.. …

5. There's a message in there for all of us I think

Bipolar Life @SilentBipolar

I know my bads are really bad, but I swear my goods are great.

6. This will be the last quote you could put on a motivational poster I will include this issue, I promise

global Nursing @gNp193dotcom 

Nurses often have to remind people that if they think they have nothing to be grateful for... check their pulse.

7. Surely 'safe' is whatever is needed in each specific situation? 

Sollo Marcomms @SolloMarcomms 

Safe nursing levels recommended - …

8. A useful addition to your web browser bookmarks section

BritishCardioSociety @BritishCardioSo 

JBS3 CVD risk calculator live at  Use it with your patients to show their CVD risk and how to reduce it

9. Just search for the terms UKIP and Nurses in Twitter. This sentiment runs all through the timeline....


"Without nurses recruited abroad the NHS would grind to a halt"

10. If only someone was giving away a mobile device so it was easy to start Tweeting.... Oh, wait, we are!


Sometimes learning something news helps if you contextualise it..SO, here's our HCP guide to tweeting :)