Issue 12
Out of the Ordinary

Given the shortage of nurses in the UK, you'd think that getting a new job would be easy. But often, recruitment processes can be lengthy and bewildering. Using a recruitment agency can offer help and support for both recrtuiter and job seeker.

In this article, Guy Watson explains what an agency can do for you.

Issue 12

PCNR is offering one lucky nurse a CPD course, free of charge.

In fact, you even receive a small payment for taking the course!

Issue 6
Comment & Opinion

Well, it’s finally here. The Code (2015) became effective from 31st March.  Many believe it was sorely needed. Others believe it is just more ‘gumpf’. Yet this version will have more impact upon registrants as revalidation depends on adhering to and demonstrating where you have applied its principles. In this opinion piece, Brian Booth and Deborah Glover share their thoughts about the new Code.

Issue 6
Education and Societies

Here is a round-up of the NMC's latest news.

Issue 12
Out of the Ordinary

October 19th is FabChangeDay (FCD) It is the brainchild of the team at the Academy of Fabulous NHS Staff, facilitating and supporting staff to brag about, implement or just 'do' big, things that will make a difference to their patients or ways of working.

What will you be doing?

Issue 9
Comment & Opinion

Are you a fan of Call the Midwife? Sue Smith looks back on childbirth approaches practice in the 60s. And no, it wasn't all Patchouli and free love (although that may be why Sue was delivering some of the babies she delivered...)

Issue 4

The roles of nurses, midwives and care staff have significantly changed in recent years. We have learned new skills and our responsibilities have increased accordingly. This has presented some challenges. This article describes how the 6Cs can help guide staff.

Issue 7
Education & Societies

'The Queen’s Nursing Institute welcomes the publication of ‘Safely Home’ by Healthwatch England.


Issue 1

Primary Care Nursing Review is a new digital journal which has been created for users of mobile devices such as smart-phones or tablets. Of course, you can also view the journal content from your desktop screen, but we know that many of you are more likely to be on the move and have your Wi-Fi, 3G, or even 4G-enabled device close by, so we made something specifically for you. 

Issue 8
Out Of The Ordinary

When you watch Countdown, are you better at the word games or does the maths game make you sqeal with excitement? Ever wondered what happens to all those stats you send to 'the beast'?

Well, Jon Hannah of NHSIQ, reveals all. Jon or a member of his team, will be a regular contributor to PCNR, keeping us up to date with developments and news.